The handloom used to create our stunning Artvivant Textiles, was devised about 2,000 years ago and was brought to England by the Romans. The process consists of interlacing one set of threads of yarn (the warp) with another (the weft).

The warp threads are stretched lengthwise in the weaving loom. The weft cross-threads, are woven into the warp to make the cloths.

Innovative materials are often incorporated into the designs, via traditional back-strap weaving. Artvivant focuses on blending natural fibres in such a way to produce a quality level similar to modern man made fabrics, for example the piña silk or pineapple thread which is the base material for many of the designs, is traditionally used for rope making.

the result ::

The incorporation of bamboo, sticks and buri reeds add provide horizontal strength and stability, which eliminate the need for cross bars in roman blinds, and make for elegant panel glides, room dividers, or roman blinds. Define the ambiance of your living space with Artvivant roman blinds or panel glides.


please note actual colours and pattern may vary from images shown